Announcing The Donation From Ogechi Okafor

The Angela Nwalozie Scholarship Foundation would like to announce and acknowledge the generous donation from the secretary of the Foundation (who also happens to be my mother), Mrs Ogechi Okafor.

She has donated one full scholarship for an undergraduate university student in Nigeria. What this entails is a payment of 150,000 Naira, every year for four years, towards the sponsorship of one of the scholarship recipients chosen by the Foundation.

I grew up inspired by my mother and father's selfless philanthropy, and it is as a result of their generosity that I have always been conscious of my duties to those around me, and this led me to start this Foundation. This generous donation from my mother, is just one instance of the generosity and selflessness that both she and my father have chosen to live and abide by.

I think that my grandmother would have been very proud!