How The Foundation Began

I (Udoka Okafor) am a first year Masters student in Philosophy at McMaster University. For the duration of my Masters degree (two years), I have been offered a guaranteed Teaching assistant position. Growing up in Nigeria, I was simultaneously confronted with the realities of poverty in my country and the amazing philanthropic endeavours of my parents.

The questions and inspirations that arose from these two experiences is what led me to create the 'Angela Nwalozie Scholarship Foundation' with the help of my mother.

For the duration of my Masters degree, I am going to be using the money I earn as a teaching assistant to fund the scholarship, and to cover the full four year tuition of university students in my country. This foundation is one that I hope to dedicate my life to, and to fund well beyond the completion of my Masters degree.

I believe that education is the most powerful tool that we have at our disposal. Education gives us the access necessary to engage with the world and its realities. And, I don't think it is fair that people should be denied access to an education because of something as arbitrary and undeserving as access to funds to pay for their education. 

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me and my foundation!